RDJ Slash?

Robert Downey Jr. on Live with Kelly & Michael 10.8.14

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Gag Reel feat. Robert Downey Jr.

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Re: Yet another Tony Stark Hot Toys figure


This one


As much as I would love to own it, I don’t quite understand why they’re releasing this.

The other two made sense.  But this one? Really?

I mean, I’d much rather have a “Tony Stark racing in Monaco” figure from Iron Man 2.

I’m planning to get the Mechanic one eventually, and I got the Armor Testing one a few weeks ago.

Not sure on this one just yet.  It seems like a pointless figure.

About 180USD in China Mainland.

It’s Milk Exclusive edition, only make 300  of them.


watching IM bts:

i’ve never 



more jealous

of a make up person

in my entire life

could you tell me where to this BTS?thank you

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Robert Downey Jr. as Ralph Karr (1969)

Black & White part [1/2]


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"Draw me like one of your French girls!" Robert Downey Jr being a sexy fuck and just laying however the fuck he wants to appreciation post. 

Robert Downey Jr. presents the Hollywood Breakout Performance Award at the Hollywood Film Awards.